A REAL Birthing Story!

This is the true story, about how two strangers, fell in love, made a baby, and agreed to let me document it all. To find out what happens, when the nurses close the door, and shit gets real! A REAL Birthing Story! Ha Ha! (I think I’m super clever, Real World, duuuh).

So months ago I told my dear friend Sarah, that I would not only love, but be honored to do her birthing story. I had never done one before, and I am not going to lie, I was slightly frightened by what I might see. Anyways, fast forward to two weeks ago, I get a call from Ryan, Sarah’s husband, telling me they were inducing her now and that I could come to the hospital whenever. Not knowing real protocol, I went when she was dilated 4 centimeters, thinking, almost half way there, right? Well, sort of.  After about 8-9 hours of high blood pressure, then low blood pressure, mixed in with doses every 20 minutes of Pitocin, we were finally ready to push!

As I said before I was nervous about what I would see, but I’ve got to tell you, experiencing this with them (their first baby) was the best experience for me. I realized I have a huge imagination, and that it’s not nearly as dramatic as I pictured it in my mind. (Maybe it was the epidural, who knows). But regardless, it is absolutely insane what a women’s body is capable of, and every single mother out there deserves some sort of an award, drugs or not. Sarah and Ryan were both so pleasant and happy throughout the entire day, nothing at all like the cursing and screaming laboring mother-to-be in my mind. At one point, Sarah had an epidural needle hanging out of her back (I was in the corner staying still and quiet, that part freaked me out the worst) and I hear Sarah say, “Cort, you okay?” and my reply “Sarah I am fine, you are the one getting an epidural, stay still!!!” At several points throughout the day she asked me if I was okay? I was thinking to myself, if only you could see whats happening right now, I wouldn’t be the one you would be concerned for. And then there is Ryan. He loved every. single. minute. Literally. He was seriously hiiiiilarious, and Sarah laughed along side him. Needless to say, they were awesome. And Sarah, she was amazing! It was unlike anything I have ever seen/experienced!






































































I forgot to mention, they had the New Year Baby too!

So there they are! My very first birthing story! It ends with a healthy beautiful baby boy named Robert Jackson Randall, 8 lbs, 21″ long. All ten fingers and all ten toes.

DSC_8541 DSC_8554 DSC_8556bw DSC_8563

I loved everything about this experience! And can only hope I am blessed to have more just like this in my future!

Goodbye for now!



2014, A Year for Dreamers.


Every year I go through a period of time right before the new year, where I reflect all that has happened. My goals for the current year, what I’ve accomplished, whats still on the list, you get the idea. This year has been a year for the books! Not only did I get engaged AND married, I’ve got to travel more this year then most! For me I live to go on vacation. There is something about me that just LOVES everything about traveling. I’ve been to NYC, Nashville, Minneapolis (All by myself for a workshop, with a complete stranger, I am pretty proud of myself for that one. I learned so much about photography and myself in those few days. And left with a dear friend.) and ended the year with North Caicos one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. Needless to say, its been a fantastic year for me. And then I look at all the business I have done. I am still very very new. And still figuring out this photography thing. But am so proud of how far I have come. I still have some pretty huge goals that I am probably no where close to accomplishing just yet. But I have so much hope for myself in this business. I cannot begin to thank everyone that has put forth faith in me! People who have hired me to capture one of the biggest days of their lives. Getting married this year myself has shown me a light, I had never seen before. I now understand the stress of it all. Until your in that position, I don’t think one can fully understand. Well, I definitely do now. And I think it has made me a better photographer. So thank you to all of my clients for your continue faith and support. It means the world to me.

And then I go through all my new goals. Which usually start with the norm. I am going to take better care of myself. Eat clean, exercise 5 times a week (I am actually pretty good at this one with exception to vacation and the holiday season). My newest one this year is to be on a better schedule. Up by 6, done exercising by 7:30, around (being key word, it’s so easy to throw on sweat pants when your office is next to your bedroom) and in my office by 8:30. And then of course, the business aspect. Better book keeping, better presentation, blog more, BE AWESOME, etc etc. I am constantly trying to be better. I am constantly trying to find something in myself that know one else has. I know its there, its just finding it, and developing it. Does that make sense? And then most importantly, be a better wife, think about others before myself, volunteer more, help someone. And I know it’s easy to put on your blog for everyone to read, and say you are going to do it, but to actually go through with it, that is what will set you apart. I’d like to think I am one of those people. But I also know I could do more of it.

So for those of you who are in the process of setting your New Year’s resolutions, my advise to you is to focus on the positives. Instead of saying you need to lose 20 pounds, say you are going to eat delicious healthy foods! Set goals in a positive light. Appreciate what you have, and I can almost guarantee that you will be rich in life. After reflecting on 2013, I’m not sure how 2014 will be any better. But somehow I know it will be. I will always be someone who has radical dreams. Dreams that I slowly make into goals. Its funny how I can look back over the years. So many of my dreams have came true. Don’t be afraid to dream. You can do anything you want in this world. One of my favorite quotes is “All you need is 20 seconds of insane courage, and I promise you, something great will come of it.” – Matt Damon (We Bought A Zoo) I remember this when I face anything that I am scared of. Knowing that very thing will be something that I will probably remember for my whole entire life.

I hope all of you reading this, has the most magical New Years ever! Make new awesome goals, have radical dreams, laugh a lot, and smooch someone you love when that ball drops. You only get one life. Live big, celebrate often, and love everything you can.


See you next year,



My year review of all things awesome from 2013. Enjoy! Courtesy of Instagram! Follow me @cortneyderrow! :)






Can you tell I am a photographer. Ha Ha Most images taken with a camera phone. I’ll throw in a few that were taken with an actual camera.




(Photo Credit: Josh Morehouse Photography)

viva las vegas 1_n

viva las vegas_n

(Photo credit: Probably either my husband via camera phone, or Tyler, Kendall’s boyfriend lol)



(Photo credit: Yours truly, via point & shoot)

xo xo xo

Dreamer | Go Getter

So, ending the month of October feels absolutely wonderful! Over the last month (work has been crazy good) I have really been slacking on myself as a whole. I try and make time for myself even if it’s a quick run in the mornings. I try to cook healthy meals for my husband and I. Just little things. And finally this week I’ve said that is enough, and am just doing those things again. Even if that means I have to put work aside for an hour or so! (Sorry everyone awaiting proofs). So I’ve ran every day this week, and completely forgot (in about a 2 week period) how much I really do love it. How much better it makes you feel, and how much more motivated I am throughout the rest of the day. My skin always feels better (weird, I know?), I feel like I make better choices food wise, just all around good! It’s been such a good day/week!

None of this is actually what I opened my blog wanting to write about! But I’m getting there!

The purpose of the blog post, as I am sitting here in my office, should be editing but instead day dreaming about my goals, and what I’d like to be as a photographer, it dawns on me that I totally just need to start putting myself out there. Instead of pounding these thoughts around in my head, do it on the keyboard and at the same time end up accomplishing my goals of blogging more, and letting the outside world get to know me at the same time. PLUS people can comment, giving me insight to their thoughts in opinions! PERFECT!

So here I am, thinking about what I can do to make myself better. What I need to work on. What I should change. My ultimate goal is to be a ROCKSTAR Photographer that is busy shooting weddings! I love weddings. And I love shooting any two people in love. This is where I am torn. Do I want to style/brand myself to a certain type of bride? Or do I want everyone to like my work? Well, I realize that isn’t going to happen. But I have heard in the past other photographers say that you should try and edit with the same style so that all of your work sort of look like they each came from the same photographer. And I get that, I really do. But at the same time, not all of my clothes look like the same type of person would wear them? Am I the only person that has such eclectic taste? I feel like if you look into my wardrobe you will find something that any woman that wears my size could be comfortable in, and would fit their personality. I feel like my work is a lot like my closet. Depending on my mood that day, or the feel of whatever I am shooting, is going to curve the end result which is how I am dressed or what the picture looks like. I don’t know, I could just be a real weirdo.

However, I know that maybe I am just now finding myself. And as I work on developing how I edit, perhaps I will end up finding a style that looks like me as a photographer??? All I know is that I am not like everyone else. And so I need to stop producing work that looks like everyone else’s. So come next year, get ready folks. A lot will be changing for SO24. Starting in November my website could be down for a hot minute for some revamping! And stay tuned for some conceptual sessions that are in the works! And if you are a bride with an imagination, or a quirky location, or just want something that is a little different, CALL ME! :))) I am definitely your girl!

In conclusion, I am a dreamer, and a go getter. I have huge goals that someday I will accomplish! I am a 26 year old wedding photographer that is going to be amazing someday! And I hope all of you (if anyone actually reads this? lol) set awesome goals for yourself. I don’t care if you are 73! Not everyone gets to become amazing in their 20′s. Go get you some happiness people! Be exactly what you want to be! :)

Thanks for listening to my rant! Y’all are beautiful!

Love to the moon and back,


P.S. I am super nervous about posting this because I’ve never really posted anything personal. EEEK Here goes nothin!!

Creative Juices

So my wonderful friend Megan and I, had what she called a mental health day! We were both stressed out, (she probably more then me, she works third shift and hadn’t slept at all) and both had some things we just needed to get our minds off of. So I texted her at like 8 am, and asked if she had plans for the day! I said that I was looking to get weird in the woods, in a pair of high wasted leopard print undies, and that my friends is exactly what we did!

I recently went to a workshop by Karrah Kobus, (seriously amazing) and had learned some new editing techniques, and had basically just been re-inspired! She edits where I’d like to be someday. But her work is much more on the artistic side! (Blog post on Karrah will be up next.) So even though we are in underwear, it’s not really about anything other then art. And expressing ourselves, and freeing our minds of all things negative! We didn’t go into this with some sort of meaning behind it. The shoot for me was about being myself and exploring the types of work I’d like to do so much more of.






Hope you all enjoyed our day as much as we did! Sooo much more to come, that is a promise!




Jamie & Aubrey

Sooo I’m not sure how I have managed to get completely behind on these blog posts! :( But you will hear no excuses from this lady! Hey, it’s the “busy season” right? Things get crazy!

Anyways, this is Jamie & Aubrey! A beautiful bride and handsome groom that I had to honor of capturing images of on their big day! A sneak peek below! :)











To Jamie & Aubrey! :) Hope you have many years of blissful happiness!

With so much love,


Scissor Over Comb Shenanigans!!!

First off, I know what you are thinking! TWO blog posts in one week! WHAAAT! I know right! Turning over a new leaf and made myself a promise that I do have the gift of blog deep down inside of me somewhere! :)

Yesterday I spent a few hours over at my pal Carla Morris’s salon Scissor Over Comb! She just recently opened in mid July of this year! It’s a one woman show, but hey! Who needs anyone other then Carla! If you don’t know her, you’re missing out! When asked how she would describe herself, her reply was “Totally bitchin hairstylist that moonlights as a ninja!” Which immediately made me crack up and reply “I’m totally using that!” But in my opinion, I think Carla is the perfect combination of retro, edge and trend, which for me are great elements to make up an awesome stylist! She is super knowledgable, witty, and the best kind of time! You don’t want your color to be done processing because then soon enough your visit with her will be over! Maybe I’m just bias because she is one of my great friends, but I feel like her work can stand alone and do all of the talking for her!



It is rare for me to visit a salon and not have anything done, but that was the case yesterday! Instead I watched her transform two lovely ladies hair! One ginger, one brunette! These are the beautiful women that volunteered their locks!


Note: Their sad little faces! Carla consulted and immediately got to work!







I hung out chit chatting, snapping pictures the entire time! Loving the time spent with these three. I’m not sure why I’ve thought of it now, after the fact, but the only thing missing was some sort of fruity adult beverage! :) Not for Carla of course! But finally, their hair was done! And I think both girls were tremendously happy with their results! Emily, our brunette,  is now sporting a rich chocolate brown, beautifully shaped long bob, that lays perfectly! And Meg, our ginger, loves her spicy copper, beachy waves! Pictured below are the amazing before and after shots!










Note: how happy Emily is about life now that she has a new do! (Actually I think Megan had just called her a b**** because her hair was blowing in the wind ever so nicely lol:)





In conclusion, everyone should go give Scissor Over Comb a visit! And let Carla work her magic! To make an appointment, call her at the shop 419.399.3513, or on her cell 419.769.2159. You should also probably go like her on facebook too! https://www.facebook.com/scissorovercombsalon

Hope all of you are having a great week! Look forward to many more blog posts, and not just photography related ones! Soon I will be having guest bloggers, tips on makeup, crafting (those will NOT be coming from me, trust me lol), repurposing of all sorts, and much much more! Be kind to one another. Your friend,


Mr. & Mrs. Wolfrum

So, the beautiful Mr. & Mrs. Wolfrum! What else is there to say! Their day was gorgeous and Kelsey was a stunning bride, and Logan such a handsome groom! And then there is Evan! The cutest little guy I’ve ever seen! :) Every single detail was absolutely perfect! A small look into a day that they will remember (with my help of course:) for the rest of their lives!

Wolfrum Wedding 1313

Wolfrum Wedding 1331Wolfrum Wedding 1665

Wolfrum Wedding 1664Wolfrum Wedding 1828

Wolfrum Wedding 1731Wolfrum Wedding 1837

Wolfrum Wedding 1853

Wolfrum Wedding 1339Wolfrum Wedding 1335

Wolfrum Wedding 1456Wolfrum Wedding 1394

Wolfrum Wedding 1469Wolfrum Wedding 216

Wolfrum Wedding 005Wolfrum Wedding 066

Wolfrum Wedding 093Wolfrum Wedding 106

Wolfrum Wedding 1860

Wolfrum Wedding 1715Wolfrum Wedding 364

Wolfrum Wedding 521

Wolfrum Wedding 590

Wolfrum Wedding 564

Wolfrum Wedding 577

Wolfrum Wedding 893

Wolfrum Wedding 1076Wolfrum Wedding 1033

Wolfrum Wedding 875

Wolfrum Wedding 1187

Wolfrum Wedding 1188

Wolfrum Wedding 1165

Wolfrum Wedding 1206

Wolfrum Wedding 1195

Congratulations Logan & Kelsey! I hope you guys grow old loving each other as much as you did on your special day!

Best Wishes!


Johnny & Jodi Parker

Johnny & Jodi! What is there to say about this couple other then how fabulous they are. I felt like Jodi and I were long lost friends, and not getting to meet John until the day of the ceremony didn’t slow us down! He was awesome too! They both were radiant with happiness! Some sneak peeks from there amazing day!

Parker Wedding20130816_0005Parker Wedding20130816_0006

Parker Wedding20130817_0067Parker Wedding20130817_0017

Parker Wedding20130817_0055

Parker Wedding20130817_0056Parker Wedding20130817_0079

Schrader-Parker Wedding 471

Schrader-Parker Wedding 050

Schrader-Parker Wedding 145Schrader-Parker Wedding 391

Schrader-Parker Wedding 782

Schrader-Parker Wedding 541

Parker Wedding20130817_0020

Schrader-Parker Wedding 565

Schrader-Parker Wedding 883Schrader-Parker Wedding 1041

Schrader-Parker Wedding 081

I can’t even describe how happy I was for this couple. Which sounds weird since I didn’t really know them that well. However, when Casey and I are in Michigan I hope to run into them, and all of their friends because they were the best kind of time! To Mr. & Mrs. Johnny Parker!

With so much love,


Corbin + Melinda = Gorgeous

Soooo…Is there even words for how gorgeous this couple is? My goodness!

We had so much fun with this shoot. Corb was a great sport and Melinda was absolutely beautiful! Here are some of the city shots we got! I loved all of them!

DSC_4144 copy DSC_4176 copy

DSC_4126 copy DSC_4183 copy

DSC_4211 copy DSC_4231 copy

DSC_4240 copy DSC_4213 copy

DSC_4331 copy

DSC_4273 copy DSC_4365 copy

DSC_4421 copy DSC_4410 copy


There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that there big day will be nothing but breathtaking! Thank you both for letting me capture the love you share!

With sooo much love,



L.O.V.E Sambo + Ashley

Meet Sam and Ashley! I get the honor of working with them on one of the biggest days of their life! The day they say their “I do’s”!!! And I couldn’t be more thrilled! I mean look at them! Fun, beautiful, photogenic! I’ve hit the jackpot with these two!
I can’t even describe how much fun it was to do their engagement session! Sam was a little nervous at first, but as you will be able to tell, we loosened him right up!
Ashley was absolutely gorgeous, and I know she will exceed all my expectations on her wedding day!
DSC_6215 copy


DSC_6173 copy


DSC_6244 copy


DSC_6262 copy


DSC_6308 copy



DSC_6341 copy  DSC_6349 copy


DSC_6353 copy  DSC_6345 copy


DSC_6359 copy


DSC_6360 copy


Sam, Ash, I can’t wait for your big day! I know everything about it will be beautiful!
With Soooo Much Love!!!!